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Tomb Raider: Why Lara Croft's Original Era Is Best

Lara Croft is the best when she has triangle-shaped boobs and an assault course in her garden.

A sassy heroine, exotic locations, high-adrenaline adventures, numerous outfit changes, treacherous betrayals, near-death experiences, crumbling temples, and powerful artifacts. Tomb Raider 2 in particular has all of these as well as one of the highlights of the entire franchise, the assault course in Croft Manor.
Lara is quite simply a kick-ass heroine and this straightforward and sassy version of her is still one I love to play as. I donít need to worry about my companions, hunt for the right kind of weapon, or learn about optimization. I can just grab my pistols and backpack then go. Iím here to kick ass and raid tombs, and Iím all outta tombs.
Over time, Lara Croft has changed. Sheís now shinier and more realistic looking, with friends to keep her company and get themselves kidnapped so she has to go and find them. She cares about resting at campfires and upgrading her weapons. I, however, do not. Yes, Iíve played the newer games, and yes Iíve enjoyed them - mostly - but theyíll never compare to the absolute chaos of the Original Era, and thatís why it will always remain my favourite.
A nice read.
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