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Originally Posted by Patrick star View Post
TRF exists in a different reality , just accept that .

Joking aside but I don't get why many people in this place vehemently stick with the idea that the reboot being remembered automatically means the Classics' burial , it's such a stupid and childish notion .

I'm not equating TR2013's impact to that of the original TR obviously , but anyone who denies that TR2013 actually did something needs an instant reality check . To this day , it's still featured near the top spots on lists the likes of "most successful franchise reboots" or "Best action adventure games" , climbing the radio tower is usually referenced as one of the most memorable gaming moments of the last generation , the 5 years promo leading to its release were a brilliant time to be TR fan , everybody was crazy about the game and Lara .

Crystal weren't lying when they acknowledged they were making the game of their careers , it really was (although CD still had Legacy of Kain) .

Then Rise's Xbox exclusivity happened.....*Sigh*
I agree with everything you said. Many people assosiciate dual Axe's with Lara too, so the Reboot kinda had an impact. There is space for Reboot and Classic Lara, but many are just too subborn to see that

The Hype I had for this game was out of the world. We need Hype like that again, but it won't happen again sadly. Especially with the Rise Situation.
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