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Originally Posted by jajay119 View Post
If they are looking into new games however I hope they are planning on a solid team to take the series in a solid direction not palming it off on cheap studios or ones that don’t understand the series. A proper remake of the first game could be a good place to start. SH’s latter years were littered with games that didn’t hit the mark and if we are going to get more games like Homecoming or Shattered Memories or ones with good intentions but poor quality like Downpour I’d rather the series just died peacefully. I’ve done my grieving for it now.
I personally believe that making a remake of older games is a mistake because MGS fans will just hate it similar to the way they hated Twin Snakes.(Since they will just compare it unfairly with their Kojima versions.)

Rebooting MGS with completely new characters or making sequels is a much better option.
MGS has a lot of space for new games.(They can make a Boss game, a MGS game after 4 with a completely new character , a MGS game set between 5 and Metal Gear 1 etc)

Edit: Imo Shattered Memories is a great game.It just wasn't successful because it was exclusive for Wii,PSP and PS2.(Which the latter ones were poor compared to the wii versions.)

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