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Originally Posted by Raider99 View Post
I managed to create few "stealthy" situations using a bunch of GTs and condition triggers like the ones where it checks if enemy is able to see Lara or condition triggers checking Lara's behavior (Is she running, jumping, shooting etc) in the "zone" around enemies so that triggered a cutscene where she dies. But now I'd suggest checking AkyV's first plugin as it contains few really neat AI based triggers, like dropping or forcing behavior (from patrol, guard etc). I'm not able to give more information now as I'm not on PC, but those should allow much more possibilities combined with scripting.

Oh hi!!

That sounds like some good ideas. I remember finding AI null meshes not always working as described long, long time ago. Recently I had issues with enemy setup too. Since then I know AI in TR4 is not something that can be relied on...
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