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Originally Posted by jonathanrij View Post
RX-Tech Mines:

Check the video description for a very extensive list of differences. I may have gone a little overboard in my quest for documentation.

Here you can find the altered level file used in this video, which has a trigger to open the lead acid battery room. This trigger was completely missing in the original level, so I manually had to add it. I mostly did it to familiarize myself with the classic data format more, as I intend to write a basic level customizer soon (that will support adding/removing triggers, among other features), primarily for educational purposes.
Great!! I have by the way have completed this entire prototype version of this game. And I'm certainly crazy about the beta sounds from all the rest of the early beta versions for TR3 as well to the point that even I'd love how to apply all of that in to the final version as well!!
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