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Thank you both for the kind words! There are way more differences than I had first anticipated, which totally made these videos worth it.

I'm doing Aldwych next. Its general lay-out is mostly the same as in retail, but there are still a few cool structural and visual changes here and there. Plus, this will finally give me a reason to publish this level's cutscene comparison video, which has been private since it got uploaded in January.

All Hallows's level structure is a hot mess and if I follow my current way of documenting each and every difference I'll probably lose it. I'll still get around to recording this level eventually, once I've figured out the intended (or most likely) route and have optimized it for showcasing purposes. In this build, the level was significantly stripped down compared to the ECTS version and was more similar to an unfinished and broken version of what we ended up getting.

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