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Originally Posted by tomee View Post
The most frustrating thing about this development is that reportedly this is only saving them 4M $. I'm saying only because that's the exact same amount they paid for Goldberg to return for the Saudi event in February and Wrestlemania. They fired all those wrestlers (and also half of their staff working in their offices whose names and numbers we don't even know) just for this pathetic amount.

What's even more ridiculous is that somebody like Lars Sullivan who was called out for being a racist and homophobic POS still gets paychecks because they won't fire injured people, or Jerry Lawler, who just last week said Akira Tozawa did a "Japanese ramen noodle moonsault" live on TV that had to be edited out later, still has a job, but they gladly released a pregnant Maria Kanellis and her husband. I honestly hope she sues them, because that's just beyond disgusting.
Yeah its not a good look at all, no matter how you look at it.
Sure a lot of them arent losing all they have in the next few days, many have saved their money and all...but there is no indication when things go back to normal, when wrestling shows with crowds can be a thing again.

It could be months before that happens and especially those who have family, suffer now.
Curt Hawkins wife had made a emotional post about this, who is also pregnant at this time so she cant go back to her work and most wwe wrestlers dont have second jobs unlike indy wrestlers who are also struggle even more.

Lawler should have been fired long ago, this awful line was just another one example of why.
Awful guy.

I dont think they can sue or anything since the wwe has the wrestlers sign bad contracts that protect the wwe.
David Starr is a wrestler who fights for the rights of the wrestlers and wants them to for a union and all that.
It pissed the wwe so much off that they pressured the german WXW to stop working with Starr.
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