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When installing dgvoodoo2 for any of the tomb raider games, you need to rerun Tomb Raider's setup and have dgvoodoo selected as the hardware adapter (or whatever it's labeled, i'm too lazy to check atm). If you do not do this, you may get graphical glitches ingame like no textures. Make sure "disable and passthru to real directx" is not toggled on in dgvoodoo2's config menu. If you don't know how to rerun the setup, a simple way is to create a shortcut of Tomb3's exe and, in the shortcut's properties, attach "-setup" (without quotations) to the end of the path in the target box.

As for installing dgvoodoo2 itself, the necessary files for running d3d games just need to be put in Tomb3's installation directory, or wherever the tomb3 exe is. The files should include ddraw.dll, d3dimm.dll, and dgvoodoocpl.exe. A dgvoodoo config file can be generated specifically for Tomb3's use, but it's not necessary unless you plan to use dgvoodoo with multiple different games that require different settings.

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