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Default Is it possible to beat the game only using the bow?

Hi everyone,

I just began my first playthrough of Tomb Raider (2013) today. I did play a tiny snippet of it when it came out, but I didn't even get the bow yet before I lost interest Now I intend to keep at it, and to make it more engaging, I will try to beat the game using the bow as my only weapon. This was going quite well until I encountered the riot shield guy and now I'm in doubt. Is it possible to beat him with the bow? And more in general, are there enemies that you can't beat with the bow?

Edit 1: the riot shield guys are actually quite beatable. I was probably just tired when I tried it last night. They also have a tendency to blow themselves up, which is helpful. I also found the answer to my general question, — it is possible, except that sometimes the use of another weapon is scripted, other than that you can always use the bow — so this thread is no longer needed

Edit 2: In area 18, Solarii Fortress, you have to use the grenade-launcher to kill a machine gunner at the end of the level. I haven't found a way around this.
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