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Originally Posted by TRJTA View Post
Wow awesome, gonna try it out today. Does i't work with te 3-5 too?

I can't get it to work, it dumps the textures nicely, but when i put a changed file into the Replacements folder, nothing happens ingame.
Can you please describe step by step how to make it work?
The help.exe program has detailed info about how to replace textures.

Try compiling the dumps. If it still doesn't work, run the game windowed and see what shows in the console, there should be some messages when it try to load replacements (happens when you load a level), if there isn't than it has not recognized the texture that corresponds to the dump.

How did the rest of the stuff worked?

Tomb raider 3 and 4 are DirextX6 and TR5 is DirextX7, they will require different patches that i will write if this one works.

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