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Default TR1(PC) - Minimum Damage Run

I've done this before but not for some time. Noticing a few things either new to me or I'd forgotten about - like the shortcut jump over the rocks in the Colosseum which means you can cut out all the stuff under the arena.

Has anyone beaten those three wolves in the Tomb Of Tichocan room which you drop into without using the shotgun? This has been the only place I've felt I've had to use anything but the twin pistols/default weapon in a 'no scratch' run through any TR. I've even beaten Willard in TR3 just using the pistols. I tried and suspect it is possible here but the wolf formation is so unpredictable there would seem to be a huge element of luck. If you even just drop onto one then it is instant damage.

Has anyone had Pierre refuse to disappear (2nd time) at the Colosseum despite being peppered with hundreds of rounds?
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