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Bought TR2 two days ago on Steam and now I am at Diving Area, but I am at the part with lit burners. However, I ran out of time when I pulled the switch and got the M16 pick-up and I can't side jump past the flames to avoid Lara being burnt. I must go through the flame and waste medi-packs. The good thing is that I saved at the spot before the lit burners. I then found out that I can't even back jump in low ceiling areas either :/

I am using Steam version so I haven't used the multipatch fix, so any way to unfix the fix? just so I can do the lit burners part? I don't want to waste medi-packs, even I have a few of each. Unless someone can tell me a different method to avoid the flames

EDIT: Where can I get the original TR2 exe? And would it work with Steam?

EDIT2: Never mind, I passed it with ease this time after having a short break lol.

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