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Originally Posted by t-raider26 View Post
I hope the thread bump is okay. I didn’t feel like creating a new one.

Anyone on here play this? I’ve recently become obsessed with it, and I’m surprised there’s not a more active discussion on here about it. It’s one of the best multiplayer games I’ve ever played!
I used to play this game quite a lot when some of my friends still played it, too. It's pretty hard to get into now, though, because the optimal playstyles have been developed and refined. Two years ago, most people were just running around and doing all sorts of random things, but these days even casual matches are super intense

It's a good game, though gets your heart pumping like crazy, and with the right company you can feel really tactical (or just goof around).

As for the lack of active discussion on these forums, I think it's because our fanbase by and large aren't really into shooter games.
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