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I don't think this is classed as an honest review that focuses on comparison if you give the level a bad review because you don't like something in it such as the Atlanteans, since that was its overall theme for the end game levels, considering the TRA version of it toned down the gorish aspects a lot, you'd have hated TRAE's version if it ever came out.

It's very easy to compare TR1 & TRA: Graphically appealing though somewhat less vibrant in terms of colour, TRA is a much smaller game, making open exploration far less apparent due to the very linear paths that are set out while automated controls provides minimal effort/challenge for the player traversing structures and obstacles.

At the time of its release, sure it was really fun to play but after looking at both games in detail in a better perspective and frame of mind, it doesn't give justice to the original in my opinion, or at least doesn't have the love put into it, unlike how Core Design cared for what they created.
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