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Originally Posted by Tyrannosaurus View Post
TRA's version of Tomb of Tihocan should be dead last. I rage-quit on TRA due to that level, not once, but twice.
Tomb of Tihocan is my fav (and most replayed level) of TRA right after The Lost Valley.

• Pierre and Lara’s exchange (“Oh mademoiselle, don’t be absurd! No job is worth dying for.” ~ “Yes, it is!”)

• The epic bossfight (Not optional like TR1 and there’s some puzzle mechanic implemented to it [reflecting the petrifying gazes with sheilds]. {It is very easy, you just need to master the adrenaline dodge.}

• Cistern and Tomb of Tihocan from TR1 combined. Thank god!

• The Scion vision. Better than TR1
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