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2013 Lara I think worked in pub from what I remember and she was also doing training a lot such as hiking with Roth. She is in to travel, history and language so reading and researching may take up quite a bit of her time.

Rise Lara spends all day looking through books trying to find an adventure that her father has already done so she can repeat it. No time to go out much as she needs the time to mope. Jonah comes round a bit but Lara bores him with constant talk of Trinity.

Shadow Lara at the end seems more keen to relax and look out for where to go next. With all her new found abilities she probably would play a lot of sports. The manor needs quite a bit of upkeep so maybe some DIY.

As for Classic she loves spending her quad biking, running through hedge mazes, cartwheels and playing pranks on Winston .
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