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Nice texturing and lightning

just one suggestion
You can create a more natural broken texture for the ceiling sky light
rather than splitting the tile and pasting a full tile texture

Originally Posted by Titak View Post

I like the idea of a large floating island.
Like Lara ended up in some alternate dimension or something.

Come to think of it, for the story, you could make a small level which preceeds this one and in that one Lara finds some weird contraption which turns out to be some portal to this floating island dimension.
And once here she has to find a way back (another portal or a way to turn the one she came from back on or reverse it's direction.)
Hmm reminds me of a level i played a long time ago called Search for the Mystic Stones by an author whose name i cannot say atm :cough: :cough:

btw Hi titak
PS VITA games. Why u not load faster?
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