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I'm not really an expert in these fields, I only know the basics. But from what I can gather, a PAL PS2 game would only achieve 60fps (in PAL 60hz mode) if its NTSC counterpart supports 60fps. Tekken 5 PAL springs to mind; by default, it is PAL 50 (576i). Turning on its PAL 60 mode will output an NTSC res/signal at 60Hz with PAL colour encoding and 60fps rather than 50fps. And unlike the NTSC version, the PAL version of Tekken 5 did not support progressive scan.

Speaking of progressive scan with PAL PS2 games, I don't think you can combine it with a PAL 60 mode, it's one or the other. PAL 60 will be 60hz at either 30fps or 60fps interlaced (480i), and progressive scan will output 480p at 60hz. It generally doesn't output 576p for games, unlike the PS3.

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