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Originally Posted by HeroBrineR View Post
This has probably been posted before, but I thought I'd post about it (to bring some fresh activity here, idk).

But is it just me, or is melee combat in this game RIDICULOUSLY overpowered? 3-4 hits with your climbing axe on any enemy, followed by a finisher (whatever they're called, when the white skull icon appears) and the enemy is dead. While hitting the enemy, he's stunned for long enough to not be able to hit you. No need to waste ammo, just rinse and repeat this.

Rise's Lara is on par with the Terminator in terms of strength.

When I got sick of the game I Just abused Bandages/the skill that restores you to full health instead of dying once a fight to sprint melee everyone because it's actually faster than trying to shoot them.
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