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Save system "drama"
and response

People don't seem to understand that just because the map is big and death is really punishing , doesn't mean that they're supposed to snail's pace their way through it like a scared little cat. So of of course when they die or quit the game it's the end of the world.

On the flipside it's true that the game needs to convey whatever design choice it wants to achieve. Saying "But of course, it's a roguelike/lite!" is not enough. Just because it's explained doesn't make it good.

The thing about rogueliXes is that, in order to succeed, players have to accept death as a chance to improve , so that they can put the acquired knowledge and new gear to good use from the beginning. They shouldn't be afraid of dying.

I've seen this happening with some indies on steam. Rogue likes, survival horrors, puzzle games.. you name it. Game comes out, people start playing, they stumble upon one obstacle after another and everything that should work on paper feels just annoying on practice , so in the end no one goes past the first couple of stages... and the studio ends up releasing an Easy Mode, but when that happens it's too late. Now, Returnal is a big release so it's not gonna be too late anytime soon, but ... yeah.

When you die and you don't feel like you want to keep going, in a rogueliXe, that's not good.

If you're a dev , or an writer, or whatever and you're reading this, remember:
when things get to the point that a relevant portion of your audience call some of your design choices into question, they might not be "right" or have the solution -- they don't do your job after all --, but there's a 99% chance that you did something wrong. You failed in your mission to make them embrace your product for what you wanted it to be.
Realism isn't an achievement. It's a choice

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