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Originally Posted by Mek View Post
Are subsequent runs too similar and boring or is there not enough knowledge or permanent equipment obtainable in a single run at the beginning of the game to progress quicker in next runs?
I'm only on the first section tbh, but after the first few times of doing it, it does start to feel quite repetitive. Length and difficulty varies per run. I'm sure you can optimise stuff for easier runs. I know for instance, weapons can be permanently upgraded, but I haven't yet worked out how. Apparently just by using them upgrades them. The game isn't quite procedurally generated. I think they've designed like say 50 areas per level, and in any run there may be about 20 of those 50. They're completely randomised in the run though. I may be wrong, but I thought procedurally generated means that the 2 rooms will never look the same. I don't think this is a bad thing though, makes it easier to learn room layouts.

Was having the perfect run until this happened:

This completely resets the level.

I wouldn't play the game until they fix the save system so that this isn't an issue.

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