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That's okay, we're here to help

The target folder for the level file should be $(GameDirectory)\data\Level01b.tr4, as .tr4 files are stored in the data folder within the game directory.

Make sure the script is pointing at the correct .tr4 file as well.

The script (SCRIPT.TXT in the Script folder) consists of different sections, first you have the options, then the title level, then the rest of the levels, each level has its own [LEVEL] section.

If you rename a .tr4 file, you'll need to change the last line in the corresponding [Level] section, in this case it should say the following (104 is referring to the background audio track in the audio folder which you can also change):

Level=		DATA\LEVEL01B,104
(Note: If you also want to change the name/title of the level, you'll have to add the new level name to the Strings as well.)

The script can be changed and compiled through NG_Center or TombIDE.
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