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So we've not played too long for today (Got to the Parisian Ghetto). But thanks to all who attended and was patient through the technical issues we had. I'm not sure when the next stream will be because we've had some lagging and dropped frames so another game will fill the schedule while I resolve these issues (thought I had addressed them in testing but have received reports of it being laggy). But when I'm ready to start again I'll let you know and an edited version of the first video should be ready in due course.

So yes, things to work on, but I'm going to count this first stream a success.

EDIT: When the next stream happens I think we'll be starting over anyway. I've just been watching the VOD back and 13 minutes in the game audio cuts out. I wasn't aware of it as I could hear the game fine. Apologies for those who came last time, but I'd rather have videos to watch where you can hear the game and myself rather than just me.
"Start all over. You should be banned from every game"

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