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Default I need help getting past the Heavenly Sword Heaven & Hell Level!

I have Heavenly Sword for the PS3, and I'm on the "Heaven And Hell" stage. I can get Bohan 50% before I die. So far, that's the best I have been able to do.

I can't figure out the best strategy to beat Bohan. Some of the problems that I'm having are that
* I can't block the electric ( blue ) that he throws at me.
* when I try to fight him up close, most of my attacks ( I tried Range, Speed, and Power ) don't hit him.
* He switches between attack modes too quickly for me to block him. He'll do orange and red so fast that orange is still on the screen and I don't see the red on the screen until after the red attack has already hit me.

I've seen some people say that for close range attacks , I just roll around and mash triangle and square buttons. Is that the best strategy?

For long distance, I've read that I use the triangle key right before the blue attack hits me, and the R1 + triangle right before an orange attack hits me.

Does that sound right?

Is there anything else I should be doing to defeat him?
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