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Default Figured it out

I figured out how to deflect shots.

I had to let the shot hit me, and then press the triangle key.

For blue shots, I let the shot hit me. My character gets very bright a moment after impact. Whenever my character turned bright, I pressed the triangle key and that defected the shot. After I while( many , many deaths ) I got the timing down and developed a rhythm to pressing key after he fires each shot.

For orange shots, same, but I hold the R1 button down and then press triangle after my character gets really bright after impact.

Additionally, I stayed far away from Bohan. So far that when he is stunned, which happens when you block all of his energy bolts, I couldn't reach him to strike him before he recovered. So I gave up trying to get some extra hits in.

When he closes in, I rolled away from him. He does get a few hits in even while I'm rolling, but eventually he flies up into the air and fires energy bolts.

For the next and final fight, pretty much the same thing with L1 + Square move added to kills the ravens he shoots at you. I found the the final battle much easier than the Heaven & Hell battle.
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