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Originally Posted by laravision View Post
It depends on the region. 25fps/50hz for PAL regions, and 30fps/60hz for NTSC regions. The actual gameplay speed is the same, regardless of the version/region. It isn't like PAL TR1 for example, where the gameplay was around 17% slower than its NTSC counterpart.

If I recall correctly, the PAL version of Anniversary does include a PAL 60 mode.
I know that the PAL version of Legend for PS2 has both progressive scan and PAL-60 which gives you quite good experience on HDTV: 480p with 30 fps.

I also have a question. If you have PAL-60 and the progressive scan (480p), is it technically possible to get 60 fps on the TV using PS2 (of course if the game engine generates such a number of frames per second)? If we are talking about the interlaced mode (576i), then only half of a frame is transmitted per one refresh so 60 Hz gives you 30 fps. Is it correct? But when you have progressive mode, would this give you real 60 fps?
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