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I thought you already had the game running as mentioned in the Gold crash at main menu thread?

Where exactly does it say "app is not compatible"? The installer doesn't run?

You don't necessarily need to install the game this way. From my experience, just creating a new folder and copying the DATA, FMV, AUDIO and PIX folders from your Lost Artefact CD, and pasting them to the new folder should be sufficient. You can use the TR series multipatch if you have the CD in the drive. This will add additional/updated dll files - dec130.dll, edec.dll, winplay.dll, winsdec.dll, winstr.dll. These files should also be on the CD, but you may not need them at all should you use Arsunt's patched TR3/TLA No-CD executable, which uses ffplay.dll and SDL.dll instead.

My folder:

If you need to access the game setup, then use the -setup parameter by creating a shortcut of the tr3gold.exe. Then, open the properties of this shortcut and, at the end of the target/address field, add a space, then type -setup after the quote. Now run the shortcut & the setup menu should appear.

If you use Arsunt's patched exe (linked above), do not patch this exe, as it's already configured for widescreen. Once you launch the game, if visuals are not correct for some reason, let the game generate a new config.txt file (remove the old one). My advice is to place the game in a custom location, such as the Documents folder, in order to bypass the VirtualStore folder being used for storing savegames and the config.txt file.

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