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Originally Posted by Alex Fly View Post
I've watched all the videos you have posted and this looks really good I have to say (and it's coming from someone who isn't into this kind of things generally).

(May I also suggest to reduce a bit the size of that image at the top of the page? )

EDIT: I didn't realize you were a new user. Welcome aboard!

Thanks, my friend found this forum & since I began my Lara's Story, I decided to share it here
There is a lot of work but this is not the 1st experience
Same work I did with Fast & Furious series & Resident Evil series
This actress made me realize that she fits perfect for Lara Croft...
I'll do my best to keep this forum informed...
Mine version will be more to Classic series but characters will be close to Reboot series such as Atlas will be as Lara's uncle & mentor altogether instead of Werner Von Croy but this version of Tomb Raider is dark version & reference of Underworld...
For couple months I don't have much I showed but I will add new Trailers, TV Spots & other stuff such as Wallpapers or Posters with Lara Croft & her family tree including Atlas de Mornay, Richard & Amelia Croft & also Lara's boyfriend from Egypt romance...
There is a lot a do but this project might hit in 2020 than in 2019 cause I'm working with something else too which is different project...
I can say for sure that my Story could be in a couple seasons for sure cause this version of Lara I've never imagined but the content allows to make her...
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