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Originally Posted by Shing View Post
Cutscene is buggy in the emulated version (at the moment), but i like the shiny effect on Lara. Maybe it's too strong too, because of a bug, at least i didn't remember that effect on PS3 version (and lazy to check now).

Otherwise they didn't bother adding more effects to the PC version sadly... or most likely didn't have time. It's a pure PS2 game, using baked lighting/shadows, same resolution textures and barely any modern shaders. Nothing much to see sadly.

EDIT: Also thanks for the comparison, very good video.
Yep, they are buggy, some level elements' textures are also missing sometimes. For example, Tomb of Tihocan big room is totally messed up still, but it might be because of the upscaling in the emulator, I don't know. But it improved so much still December.
Yeah Lara is shiny like hell XD I also like that there are some real shadows, more visible bump maps, specular maps not unlike in the PC version.

And thank you, both of you, for your responses
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