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Originally Posted by LateRaider View Post
Honestly what is most bizarre to me is how the PS2 and PC versions use such radically different control schemes. I think the PS2 version has the superior controls by a mile. Meanwhile until someone is able to work out how to get the camera relative controls working 100% fine on PC for keyboard and mouse as well as XInput, we're stuck detangling this weird PC control difference.
That's one's actually pretty easy, the reasoning I mean. The PS2 was the lead development platform, so Core spent most of their time on that. The PC version was developed last and is why it has so many more issues even besides the controls. It was literally developed as an afterthought.

I remember Nakamichi saying once that the flipped texture issues came about because the PS2 has some sort of texture occlusion technology that certain textures utilized that the PC version doesn't have. So when the PC version was made, those textures showed up as transparent because there was nothing on the other side and it went unnoticed to due lack of development time.
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