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Originally Posted by kelvinsecolo View Post
Just realized that the version I use is .49 one.

I'm actually so sad right now because I looked forward all day to test the game when I got home from work and didn't work for me. I use the .49 version because it's a modded version from sasho with camera relative controls, since I play AOD with a joystick.

@reborninshadows I don't have a clue about coding so sorry if it's a dumb question but is there a way of replicting those changes to a .49 executable? or the opposite: to enable the camera + camera relative controls in the .52 version?
Yes they can be replicated there but I made the patcher with v52 in mind so that's why it's not compatible. I didn't know that one was done in .49 at all. I can update it to be compatible with .49 as well when I have the time.
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