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TRNG Updater
(Released 17 July 2009)

TRNG Updater
  • Fixed bug in NGLE. When you loaded an external project (i.e. downloaded from somewhere) ngle signaled the wrong path of tga map and then it allowed you to select immediatly the correct path for tga map, but there was the bug that, after choosing correct tga file, ngle gave a new error: "Arg list too long".
  • Fixed bug about fog distance. On some computers the fog color persisted over the inventory items.
  • Added in NG_Center the icon to launch MetaSequoia program.
  • Fixed bug in NG_Center: in the [Settings] panel, the path of strpix and Wadmerger program were missing.
  • Fixed bug about Teeth Spikes. When you've set zero damage for teeth spikes, Lara lost blood in spite of missing life lost.
  • Introduced EXTRA_ flag constants to use in Extra field of Enemy script command. The values are the same, so the old Enemy commands will continue to work fine, anyway now you can type a mnemonic constant instead of a number to set some special customizing to enemy. See descriptions of EXTRA_ constants in Reference panel of NG_Center.
  • Added new EXTRA_ flag to disable the locust swarm attack from mutant: EXTRA_MUTANT_NO_LOCUSTS.
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