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Originally Posted by Phlip View Post
The only problem the previous installer had was the late sound effects.
and exactly what's that previous installer for you? one of mine or something else?

Originally Posted by Phlip View Post
The sound effects are still about a second late and now the game's really bright which makes it look washed out.
gamma issues were easy to meet through dgVoodoo, and yet pretty easy to fix too there (via dgvoodoosetup.exe)
with Dosbox I never had them
and it's a good thing since it would seem that there's no way to adjust them
of course one's gfx card driver could
I'd really like to know what your hardware specs are (please post a diagnose.exe report)

and anyway have you tried the patch "for fmv's" I included in the 1.6 installer?
that not only targets fmv conundrums, but resets the videodriver settings altogether so it *might* help a lot with some cards and with a number of poor performance issues
so what is yours?
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