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By unsupported I meant, well, there is no one to use and support it. The tutorial you have followed is six years old and describes a very old OpenTomb version. The readme quote is obsolete and nobody ever bothered to update very scarce documentation anyway. Even TeslaRus is not here listening. In open source world everything depends on the volunteers which might be scarce as well. This project is of pre-alpha quality and you shouldn't expect an enterprise class support from a few amateurs which are still here just by a coincidence.

That said, there are people who were able to build it on Windows, but that requires a lot of patience and experience. If they don't want to share an advice now, that's either because they are not here for a long time or they don't care anymore. I'd repeat my advice: use some package management for Windows, e.g. MSYS, take it from official site and/or rebuild all required libraries yourselves. After all use CMake without any IDE to build the project. That's what was done in the past and should work in the future.

I'm sorry and good luck.
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