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Hello all,
This is Devon Carroll. Richard Carroll or as many of you know him, rr_carroll is my Uncle.

When I was a young man, rr introduced me to the commodore 64 featuring a whopping 64 kilobytes of RAM from which it took its name. I remember talking about it like it was a secret relic; something that only he and I knew about. rr played games on the C64 long into its obsolescence until he discovered a world which would prove to captivate and inspire him; the deep caves, dank cisterns, secret temples and of course hidden tombs of Tomb Raider.

For rr it was simply never enough to find the secrets placed in these games by developers. He took the game's concept of artifact and treasure hunting quite literally by chipping away level after level at the limits of the Tomb Raider reality.

Thus, in 2006 emerged Tomb Raider Tourist, an extensive bug and secret discovery site dedicated to finding new and different locations and clever ways of solving puzzles in these games. rr was always careful to give credit where it was due, often citing the first place a bug was discovered when he was incorrectly credited with finding it.

Some purists feel that bugs are a way of "cheating" while playing a game. To his detractors rr had this to say:

"I would argue that everyone can decide for him/herself how to enjoy the games. For me, the moment of a discovery is one of the best things in life. The designers have done a great job of creating interesting surprises. They even put in the additional feature of the Secrets. Well, I think the bugs are the real secrets – they’re so hidden, they lead to actions that not even the designers know about.
Dealing with useful bugs reminds me of scientific research. We don’t know what we’ll find when we start. Also, we’re never done. "
Recently Tomb Raider Tourist was featured in a Gamasutra article about the physics and exploration of Tomb Raider games. (Thanks Patrick Shannon ).

Sometime in the last few months rr completed his 7000th post on this forum. Here's what Greenapple968 had to say about it:

You have been greatly helpful to the TR cummunity and especially to the cummunity here on TRF and on Youtube. You have found endless shortcuts and glitches in the TR games which have been of huge assistance to speedrunners, pacifist runners and anyone who wants to complete games in a more wacky style.
Your knowledge on game mechanics has certainly been of use to me when I've had questions regarding glitches and shortcuts and I can't begin to imagine how different things would be if we hadn't been taught all that you've taught us; most of the known glitches wouldn't be known and people's playthroughs wouldn't be half as impressive.
So enjoy the 7k."

When rr_carroll, Bug Scientist, is absent from the forums people notice. Today it is my unfortunate duty to inform you that rr, Richard Carroll, my beloved uncle will never again be able to guide you in your treasure hunting. Richard died on this day, July 11th 2013.

I hope that what he has given you brings a smile to your face because I know how much he enjoyed sharing his discoveries and talking about them with all of you. Those of you who knew Richard well, I offer you my condolences. I know you have lost a kind, intelligent, and helpful friend.

I will do what I can to keep Tomb Raider Tourist up and will log on and post again as rr with a new link to that site.

Please let me know if there is anything I have missed. If there is anything you would like to say about Richard, please leave respectful comments on this thread.

I will finish with the end scene from Tomb Raider Chronicles.

Charles Kane: "To absent friends." (All raise their glasses in toast)
Winston: "Indeed."
Father Patrick: "May God rest his soul."

We'll miss you, Bug Scientist. May you hunt them forever.
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