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Originally Posted by Atlas_700 View Post
Thank you very much for your super fast and helpful answers!

My old TPF files definitely cause the shadow and water issue. I can't say for your Anniversary Fixes tpf file. Somehow I can't find the tpf version on your download site, only the RAR archive with the DRM files.
No problem, I know it can be tricky to navigate on so I've made this picture to show where to locate the tpf file.

Originally Posted by Atlas_700 View Post
The TPFextract tool you found is working fine. I can extract the files (had found another extract tool, but it did not work). I get file names like "TRA.EXE_0x4AA96578.tga" or "".
-> is there a way to find out which DRM files (or files within DRM files) these extracted files correspond to?
Sadly there isn't a way to correspond the texture names, I really wish there was!

Thankfully the unpacked DRM files all have unique names, so for example, Natla.drm is related to the modern Natla model, or cn5.drm means 'cutscene 5' which is the one that plays out at the end of the Egypt levels.

If you want to change Lara's face on the Anniversary model then these are the DRM files:
  • lara.drm - playable model
  • c_lara.drm - model in extras and costume selection
  • frontend_lara.drm - model on the main menu
  • cine_lara.drm - unknown, do this anyway just in case

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