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Originally Posted by Samz View Post
Plus the Gold itself is an instant death river ( I guess maybe its molten gold?) so anyone trying to take it without some heavy precautions would end up dead.
The molten river of gold can easily be scooped out with proper precautions and most would be content with what they had obtained but Lara on the other hand, since already inheriting a fortune, wants to go for the most unique thing there, that being the Mask of Tornarsuk, which would stand out much better than a blob of gold in her trophy room.

I assumed that is what was in the trophy room in TR3 originally but it is just a throwback to the Gold Idol from Indiana Jones, so I suppose Lara wanted to donate it to a museum for the sake of the mask's history, while at the same time getting some sport and adventure out of it all, which is why she was not so easily persuaded by the golden river itself.
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