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You used a 'cheat' to avoid being attacked by the weeping bats!? You massive girl

I think I'll have to go with the mannequins as my enemy of choice in Downpour, they make that awesome giggling sound when they're nearby and the first encounter with one in the basement of that missing girl's house saw me offload an entire magazine of bullets at a wall

If I'm honest, the creatures in Downpour are a bit meh. They're not the most inspiring or thought-provoking enemies in the world (or the series), and gameplay-wise they're all dispatched using pretty much the same tactics.

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Am i the only one who is sad for this game's sales?
It's a shame it's not doing better, yeah, but it's not Call of Duty 15. And that fact makes me in so many ways.

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Oh! Well I still haven't but I'll do on Saturday, I need something to do while on vacation in case of rainy days and for noon.
So you've got a couple more days to wait? That sucks, but it's only two days
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