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Originally Posted by TRJTA View Post
I still can't get it to work I read the help file thoroughly, but the texture just stays white. Can you please explain step by step how you make it work?
If the texture is white, good, the patch recognized the texture that must be replaced but failed to load the replacement, check the format your using for replacements: the patch accepts dds textures in X1R5G5B5, R5G6B5, A1R5G5B5 and A8R8G8B8 formats, if the texture doesn't load: (keep an eye on the console (in devmode), it will print an error.

Originally Posted by The Great Chi View Post

EDIT....I am now totally stuck. I have changed textures, and have them in the replacements folder, and taken all the original textures out of the dumps folder, Also changed 'True' back to 'false' to get rid of dump textures box in the top left corner, ran the tomb2fix.exe, and its just the same old textures.

There is a lack of instructions here, the help information does not go into detail, so makes it very difficult to understand. We need step by step instructions.
The original textures must remain in the dumps folder: unless you compile them. Also if you dump another texture, you must compile all textures again.
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