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Originally Posted by Peixoto View Post
Thank very much sir, you're a gentleman and a scholar

BTW, here in my system the training level crashes with the new textures but i can get it to work if i just load another level, go back to title, than load it again: just in case someone has similar trouble.

AODfan, can you include replacements for the title screen for testing? i believe it might stop the crashes.
I did replace the passport texture in the title screen. Perhaps it crashes because of all the textures that get replaced? Most of the textures in Croft Manor have been redone and I also noticed the textures popping in after a short time when starting the level which doesn't happen in the other levels I tested. Running around a bit there have been also a few slow downs.

Originally Posted by sackboy123 View Post
But don't the HD Textures stop after Tibet
There are no new textures for the whole xian section but they still included the new passport and menu background texture in the levels
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