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Originally Posted by Arsunt View Post
  • Gradient HP/Air Bars
  • Better weather effects, more visible laser beams
  • Spinning picked up item, like in the Demo
  • Difficulty levels:
    1. Anytime save enabled, green HP Crystals available
    2. Anytime save enabled, there is no HP/Save Crystals
    3. Anytime save disabled, blue Save Crystals available
  • Echoed sound effects
  • Footprints feature.
About the reverb, I did a bit of searching around some time ago and found Tomb Raider 3 was originally going to support Aureal 3d. The feature ended up being cut due to time constraints, but ended up supposedly being fully implemented in Tomb Raider The Last Revelation. Whether the Aureal 3d support was just 3d positional audio or audio effects like the ps1 version, I don't know. I've been thinking about asking if people remember playing TLR with one of those compatible sound cards to see if people remember what it added to the game, but just haven't yet.
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