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Originally Posted by Arsunt View Post
  • Waving inventory wallpaper (as you see, it's done)
  • Gradient HP/Air Bars, exactly the same as PSX version has (almost done)
  • Half transparent water surface textures, gunshots, etc. (work in progress)
  • Barefoot step sound FX (someday, I don't know when. This thing is related to the content, not the code)

  • Gradient HP/Air Bars
  • Better weather effects, more visible laser beams
  • Spinning picked up item, like in the Demo
  • Difficulty levels:
    1. Anytime save enabled, green HP Crystals available
    2. Anytime save enabled, there is no HP/Save Crystals
    3. Anytime save disabled, blue Save Crystals available
  • Echoed sound effects
  • Footprints feature.

For all games there are bugfixes, draw/fog distance settings, native FMV HD support, native HD Image files support, native support of external texture packs, language packs. I could just post here our TR2 changelog, but probably this should be done as a separate topic, because the size of the changes list is quite large.
OMG external texture packs! Will they support HD textures?

And, is this coming on Christmas?
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