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Originally Posted by Sardoc View Post
So if my understanding is correct, we'll be able to select which changes we want?
Yes, all these new features are optional, and are configured in the settings window. However, some legacy options will be removed or extended.
For example, those options will be set to default and removed from settings window:
  • Z Buffer = Yes
  • Dither = Yes
  • Perspective Correct = Yes
  • Triple Buffer = No
  • Don't sort transparent polys = No
  • Texel adjustment = Always adjust
Some options will be extended:
  • Filter:
    • Nearest Point
    • Bilinear
    • Anisotropic
  • Textures:
    • 8 bit
    • 16 bit
    • External
And, sorry, but software renderer option is disabled and deleted completely. It is too hard to keep it compatible with any changes in the game graphics code. The fans of the software renderer will have to abandon this version of the game, or wait until enthusiasts fasten the shader post-processing to style the palette of 256 colors. Good news, any post-processing in the future will be possible.
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