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Originally Posted by alisson View Post

I'm sorry now that I've seen this detail, I was deleting the original .RPL

I did another test, the problem now is another:

ANCIENT.BIK from 1080p Youtube (.mp4 to .bik) - Don't work, no screen;
LOGO.BIK from 720p Youtube (.mp4 to .bik) - Only Sound, no screen
LOGO.BIK from Uncompressed Master (.mp4 to .bik) - Don't work;

.MP4 or .BIK has the same results

Here is the log with LOGO.BIK 720p Youtube:
I had antialiasing forced from Nvidia's control panel. According to Peixoto's patch setup notes, than can be a problem when it comes to FMVs playback. You must then tick on this box:

Non exclusive fullscreen: This can help in case of trouble with FMV playback and crashes on TR3 when you force Anti aliasing in NVidia's control panel.

(Even though it says TR3, it also works on TR2 in my experience)
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