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Originally Posted by E.Carnby View Post
Season pass was a huge content (7 tombs, 7 outfits, 7 sklills), I just have one complaint. Outfits. Thematically, it fit into Paititi and the tombs. It made sense but it was not aesthetic for my eyes and taste.
However, if the eighth DLC will be sold separately, without including the season pass, I will not be angry. But it is a paradox that Croft edition is without Croft stuff. Simply rename it to Paititi edition from now.

I'd like EM to take more time (3 months at least) and make the whole manor. All floors, gardens, underground, attic, simply everything. I hope it will not just little $ 5 content.
Perhaps Croft Manor will be released one year after release (september) and it will be like as part Shadow of The Tomb Raider Game of The Year Edition.
I am still strongy against this DLC being something extra to pay for and so should we all be. I'd have waited for this Final final final edition of the game to get it. Also, it isn't GOTY.

If they make this DLC something extra and not in the Croft Edition and/or season pass I will be disappointed and truly let down.

Hope that will not be the case.
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