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Default Strange New TR5 Launch Issue

I installed TR5 a couple of years ago from my original disc but also used no CD files (a replacement .exe and a .dll).

It has been working fine and I've played through it now twice since without problems but sometime during my recent no scratch run an odd thing started happening at initial launch.

I click on the shortcut and it looks as though it is booting but eventually does not. I click again and it launches perfectly. If the PC remains on I can close and relaunch it normally but if I shutdown/restart the PC the same thing will happen the first time, every time.

What I also hadn't noticed until yesterday, as I'm wearing headphones when playing TR5 and my PC runs fairly quiet, is that after these 'double' launches at some point the CPU use goes up to 100%.

That is very unusual and when I realised this was happening and investigated I found that I had to two instances of the PCTR5.exe being shown in the Task Manager as active processes. Even after I had closed and exited the game the second one still remained. That was what was hogging the CPU with an associated Windows Host Process (Rundll32) being the culprit taking up 67% of the CPU.

What is worrying is that 'Host Process' remains running too unless I terminate it from the Task Manager. How long this has been happening I do not know. I've tried replacing the no CD .exe and .dll with backups and the original files too and the problem persists.

No other TR I have installed in the same Core Design folder has this double, double click launch problem or provokes the high CPU use, far from it. TR3 for instance uses about 24% and the process stops, as it should, when you Exit the game.

Anyone have some idea what is going on here and if can be resolved without doing a full TR5 uninstall/reinstall?
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