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Talking Shadou!

A tradition of mine since learning of these dubs in the mid 2000s, scouring Yahoo Japan Auctions for new Tomb Raider deals for my entertainment and backhand study.

thankyou Mr Postman

This time around they've added "The" to the localized title unlike Rise, which was literally "Raizu Obu Tūmu Reidā" "Rise of TR". Here we have "Shadou Obu Za Tūmu Reidā" "Shadow of the TR"

Anywho - Yūko Kaida. Undoubtedly famous for many dub roles. great strong voice actress in these reboots - also straight from the horses mouth shes said she loves voicing Lara and was also particularly happy to also dub Alicia Vikander in the movie.

I don't think I'll record any more, I feel like my "mental walkthrough" for Shadow is no where near as big as the previous two games, looking forward to taking my time to play through and take in all that KANJI

My first 10 minutes.
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