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SoraSakai nice! I've studied Japanese since I was a kid. I nearly fell over when I discovered TR was dubbed since the beginning, I'm strangely obsessed. My two passions together. I just find them all so fascinating hahah

I doubt I'm really good enough at playing and understanding what may be censorship, it's more that hearing key words and verbs etc. and I tend to get the jist of a sentence 90% of the time.

LateRaider- all console versions must be Japan game specific however, I know on PC in TR2013 you can purchase the Japanese Language DLC or find it elsewhere online, and it plays without you having to buy the actual Japanese disks. Not sure if this applies for Rise or Shadow on PC.

This PS4 version of shadow however had to install Japanese via PSN as a DLC. previous games had it hardcoded between eng or jp. Japanese Shadow however let's you also choose Russian and Arabic and generic euro languages if you want. Unsure if they're DLC
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