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Default Survival Instincts, yes or no?

Hi all
I was just wondering, do you like using survival instincts during your game?
I remember I toggled it off at the beginning. I personally do not like that it highlights where things are, be it documents, relics, and everything else around you. I just prefer to figure things out on my own. Same when it comes to combat. I rather figure it out on my own whether an enemy is looking at another enemy or not, and so on.

I used survival instincts in Rise, but I played without it in Shadow. I havenít even upgraded the abilities involving survival instincts for the whole game, as they were useless for me. I instead upgraded everything else.

I just like to explore this way. Yes, it may take longer to find everything, but thatís not a bad thing to me though I admit I had to look up maybe 1 or 2 items because I couldnít figure out how to reach them. But I have found everything else legit and finally reached 100% completion. I just canít wait to do this again

I hope I am not the only one
Your thoughts about survival instincts?
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