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The premise of Paititi as a whole didn't work for me one bit. I just find it ludicrous how you have a living city filled with ancient Incans just going about their day in the middle of civilisation. Paititi is right next to San Juan and Kuwaqa Wakka, Lara says it herself! I also don't think the concept of a hidden city was done as well as it was in Rise. The Remnant actually felt like a hidden community, hiding out in the mountains. They didn't have a thriving city that stuck out like a sore thumb. Kitezh being hidden under a lake was really well executed. Lara had to find a fancy map and had to traverse underground ruins to get to the city.

And how did Jonah get to Paititi!!?? Seriously did he just waltz in like going on a walk to the grocery store or what.
But to answer your question, a better alternative was to go the Kitezh route and have Paititi be destroyed. When I first saw the CG trailer, I was under the impression that Lara actually travelled back in time to when the city was inhabited by people. Maybe the solution to stopping the apocalypse would be to go back in time through some fancy artefact to discover a ritual used to prevent the acoplayse. Better yet, she could go back in time to see HOW the city was destroyed to begin with. But no, they just gave us boring variants of the same character model that tell us to go dice hunting.

I know the devs were proud of Paititi (just look at how much they advertised it), but quite frankly it's very much the reason I dislike Shadow as much as I do.
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